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  • arrow_forwardWhy a job in the hotel industry?
    The hotel industry is multifaceted, every day is different and it never gets boring. Especially if you can't imagine sitting at a desk all day or always having the same daily routine, you should think about joining the hotel industry. The hotel industry is open to career changers and, unlike other industries, offers the opportunity to move up quickly or to get to know other areas. And the best thing about it: The guests are grateful for your commitment. A great feeling!
  • arrow_forwardWhere can I apply?
    In order for the guest to feel comfortable in the hotel, the service must be right in every area. Therefore, the hotel industry offers a variety of job opportunities, which you can see listed here - the additional titles already tell you something about the job: Front Office Agent - "The Welcomer" The front office agent is also called a receptionist and is the first point of contact for our guests. He checks them in, explains the house rules, processes reservations and is also otherwise available to the guest with questions and answers. Night Audit - "The Night Owl" Our hotels are open 24/7 and therefore the reception must also be manned at night. The Night Auditor takes care of all matters at reception at night: he makes security rounds, closes the day and checks out the first guests in the morning or late arrivals in the evening. Roommaid - "Cleaning Fanatics" The "cleaning fanatics" are responsible for ensuring that the visiting card of the house, i.e. the rooms, are always presentable. With an eye for detail, they also discover small dust particles or the hair in the sink. House Lady - "The Inspector" A housekeeper writes the rosters of the maids, keeps track of the department (housekeeping) and checks the rooms for cleanliness. Only when the final check has been made by the housekeeper is a room released for arrival. House technician - "The healer" In a hotel, and especially with many guests, there are naturally small things that need to be repaired, renewed or replaced. The "healer" changes light bulbs, touches up wall paint or even seals bathroom tiles. Cook / Kitchen helper - "The filling maker" In some of our hotels, we not only serve breakfast, but also lunch and dinner. In order to keep our guests full at these meal times, we need cooks and hard-working kitchen helpers. Service / Breakfast Staff - "The Pleasure Bringers" Our "pleasure bringers" work in our restaurants. Whether at breakfast or dinner, they greet our guests with a smile and serve them coffee or a glass of wine in the evening. They also regularly stock the buffet or serve the guest directly at the table.
  • arrow_forwardIn which area can I work as a career changer?
    As a career changer in the hotel industry, one thing is important to us above all: an open and friendly personality who wants to help shape things and is flexible in terms of working hours. You should also enjoy working in a team, having contact with guests and helping out when colleagues from other departments need help. In general, it is possible to start in the positions of breakfast service, service employee, front office agent, night auditor and chambermaid or housekeeper. You can find a more detailed description of the positions at: What jobs are available in the hotel industry?
  • arrow_forwardHow much do I earn?
    This question is difficult to answer because there are different salary structures throughout Germany. As a career changer, however, you usually earn between 1,600.00 and 1,900.00 euros, depending on the department. As a qualified specialist in the hotel, the salary is correspondingly higher and depends on the degree of responsibility. For positions in the head office, the salary is usually a matter of negotiation and also depends on the position and the degree of responsibility.
  • arrow_forwardHow long do I work?
    We have different time models in the hotels. A normal working week in most departments is 40 hours, excluding breaks. This means five working days per week, each with eight hours of working time and a 30-minute break. In the breakfast service, however, we mostly give hourly contracts that are paid per hour and offer the possibility to work between 20 and 30 hours. Of course, we also hire staff on a temporary basis (450.00 euros) who only work up to ten hours a week. At our head office in Hamburg, most employees work full-time (40 hrs/week). However, we also give you the opportunity to work part-time (e.g. 24 hours/week), for example after parental leave. You can only work four days a week? That is also possible in some departments. Just ask us.
  • arrow_forwardHow much holiday do I have?
    In some federal states, the right to vacation is regulated by collective agreements, in others the statutory minimum requirement of 20 vacation days per year applies. The amount of vacation entitlement therefore varies between 22 and 30 vacation days per year. You can also ask the question directly during a job interview.
  • arrow_forwardWhat is the application process?
    Wir bevorzugen digitale Bewerbungen, die entweder direkt per Mail eingehen oder noch lieber direkt über den „Bewerbungsbutton“ der jeweiligen Ausschreibung. Sobald die Bewerbung bei uns eingegangen ist, sichten wir diese und sprechen uns mit der Fachabteilung ab. In der Regel erhältst Du dann innerhalb von einer Woche eine Rückmeldung unsererseits. Wenn wir Interesse an Deinem Profil haben, rufen wir Dich an und vereinbaren einen Termin für ein persönliches Kennenlernen. Bei dem Gespräch besprechen wir alle wichtigen Fragen. Sollten sich dann beide Parteien einig sein, können wir zeitnah entweder noch einen Schnuppertag vereinbaren oder direkt einen Vertrag abschließen.
  • arrow_forwardIs there staff accommodation?
    We do not provide staff accommodation.

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