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Korntal-Münchingen is a town in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. It is located about 10 kilometers northwest of Stuttgart and has about 20,000 inhabitants. The city was formed in 1975 by the merger of the two municipalities Korntal and Münchingen. Korntal was originally a settlement of Huguenot refugees who fled France in the 17th century, while Münchingen was a medieval market town. Today, Korntal-Münchingen is a popular residential area with good transport links to Stuttgart and the surrounding region. The town is also home to numerous companies, including several international firms. The town has a number of cultural and recreational facilities, including a music school, a public library, and a sports center with a swimming pool and ice rink. There are also several parks and green spaces, including the Schlosspark, which surrounds the town's historic castle.

Korntal-Münchingen is known for its annual Schönbuchfest, a festival that celebrates the town's history and culture. The festival features live music, traditional food and drink, and a range of activities for all ages. Overall, Korntal-Münchingen is a vibrant and welcoming town with a rich history that has much to offer residents and visitors alike.

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