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Rüsselsheim am Main is a city in the German state of Hesse, Germany. It is located on the Main River, about 20 kilometers southwest of Frankfurt. Rüsselsheim is known as the headquarters of the German car manufacturer Opel, which has a large production plant in the city. The city also has a number of historic buildings, including the 14th century Rüsselsheim Castle. In addition, the city is also a popular destination for outdoor activities, as there are several parks and nature reserves in the area. Here we recommend Horlachgraben, Ostpark and Verna Park, among others. The Opelvillen Rüsselsheim Art and Culture Foundation is also worth a visit and offers its visitors exciting exhibitions and contexts. For car lovers, we also recommend a visit to the Opel race track, where races no longer take place, but the remains are worth seeing and provide a lot of information about automotive history.

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