system setup and

System setup and support

Our IT department acts as an in-house specialist and ensures an innovative and powerful system infrastructure. A state-of-the-art approach in the digital field is not only being pursued in the Hamburg headquarters of our hotel group, but also in the individual hotels.

range of services

At headquarters

  • Yield and revenue systems
  • Telephony / VoIP
  • Backup solutions
  • Data security
  • Database Solutions
  • Email Collaboration
  • Servers
  • Mobile email
  • QM and CRM systems
  • Server & network infrastructure
  • Failover Cluster & Load Balancing
  • Site networking
  • Grid Computing > Server Mainframes
  • Hosting and web design
  • Helpdesk

In our hotels

  • High-speed guest WiFi
  • Locking systems
  • POS systems
Server and network infrastructure
site networking
Grid Computing > Server Mainframes
Telephony / VoIP
database solutions