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City break to Potsdam - there is much to see

Surrounded by estuaries and lakes of the Havel River, the Brandenburg capital of Potsdam is located just 25 kilometers southwest of Berlin. However, it is anything but a "suburb": here, a high-tech business location meets the charm of Prussia. The residential city of the Prussian kings has an impressive history and, with its impressive palace and park complexes as well as historically and culturally significant buildings, is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

World famous is Sanssouci Castle, built under Frederick II after the great model in Versailles. The name Sanssouci - without worries - stands for the king's motto in life. Today you can visit the elegant palace rooms, which have been preserved in their original state, and the baroque gardens. Also worth a visit are the Charlottenhof and Cecilienhof palaces and the New Palace. In Potsdam's Old Town, a walk around the Old Market Square is recommended. It is surrounded by the classicist Nikolai Church, reminiscent of an ancient temple, the Old Town Hall, which is modeled on that of Amsterdam, the FH Potsdam and the Knobelsdorff House.

Stroll through Potsdam's quarters designed as architectural units, such as the French Quarter, the Russian Colony, the Bohemian Weavers' Quarter and the famous Dutch Quarter. Another highlight is the Babelsberg film studios: almost 1,000 films have been shot here. Experience a fascinating city and stay comfortably in the hotels of NOVUM Hospitality!

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