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3 Hotels à Erlangen

Erlangen is considered one of the best-preserved baroque cities in Germany and thus exudes a special atmosphere. Erlangen is very versatile: the city has a beautiful palace garden in the centre of the city. In addition, Erlangen's old town consists of many winding, narrow streets. Many small, owner-operated shops characterise the townscape. The university town gets a very lively and creative flair from its many students, cafes and restaurants. Book one of our modern hotels. These are located in Tennenlohe (Select Hotel Erlangen) and in the centre of Erlangen (the niu Cure and Holiday Inn Express Erlangen). A city trip or a business trip to Erlangen is worthwhile.
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Foires et événements importants
à Erlangen

There's a lot to celebrate in Erlanger! Here are a few events and fairs worth seeing: TATTOO Messe Erlangen (February), vocatium Erlangen (April) bonding Firmenkontaktmesse (May), ErlangenKreativ Messe (June), Bergkirchweih (June), International Comic Salon (June), Poetenfestival (August), Webkongress Erlangen (September), JuBi Erlangen (October), Wedding Fair Black & White (October), Market of Ideas Erlangen (November), Night of Companies Fair (November), CONTACT Fair (November), Fernweh Festival (November) Auf in die Welt Fair (November), Erlanger Winterzauber (December)

Sites touristiques de Erlangen -
attractions à Erlangen

Nuremberg Old Town, Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds, Max Morlock Stadium, Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Light, Heinrich Lade Hall, Erlangen Margrave Theatre, Fürth Municipal Theatre, Adidas Headquarters,

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