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In the heart of the Ruhr area: Discover Essen

Essen is considered the "heart of the Ruhr" and is a city full of surprises with a lot of charm and a wide range of art and culture. During World War II 90% of the city center had been destroyed. However, historic monuments are still the Burgplatz with St. John's Church, the cathedral with its cathedral treasury, the Bishop's Palace, the Old Synagogue and the Old Catholic Peace Church. For those interested in culture a visit to the Museum Folkwang which one of the most beautiful art museums in the Ruhr area is recommended. Marvel at paintings, sculptures and photographs from over 2,000 years of art history. Admission is free.

An impressive testimony to Essen's history as a mining town and UNESCO World Heritage Site is the Zollverein coal mine - an active coal mine until 1986, which is now a museum of industrial culture. Particularly exciting are the guided tours through the interior of the mine during which you travel underground in a historic elevator.

The 65-hectares Grugapark south of the city center is ideal for a walk. The focal point is the artfully designed botanical garden. Even further south prestigiously situated above Lake Baldeney is Villa Hügel, the monumental residence of the Krupp family. The magnificent building with 296 rooms contains a museum. Many original rooms as well as the surrounding park can be visited. No matter if city trip or business trip: After an eventful day in Essen your temporary home awaits you in the hotels of NOVUM Hospitality. We say "Welcome to Essen!"

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