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Business trip or city getaway: There's a lot to discover in Stuttgart

Widespread districts, hills and valleys, parks and architectural monuments invite you to take long walks through Stuttgart. No matter whether you are a vacationer or a business guest: a stroll through the city is a must! Start your discovery tour in the city center and admire the "Neue Schloss" (New Castle). The former residence of the Württemberg dukes is inspired by the Palace of Versailles and the artistic gardens invite you to take a break. Among other things, the state parliament, the two state theaters and the cathedral church of St. Eberhard are located here. Together with the Palace Square and the Old Palace, today's State Museum, it forms an impressive ensemble.

Next door, the State Gallery awaits you. The art collection displays masterpieces from the 14th century to the present day, includng works by Dürer, Cranach, Rembrandt, Rubens and Picasso. The market hall is ideal for a snack. The Art Nouveau building is considered one of the most beautiful market halls in the world. Fresh food is on sale here and upstairs you'll find furniture, literature and more.

A visit to the TV tower is worthwhile for an overview of the city. From the observation deck or the panorama café you have the best view. Car fans will learn a lot about the famous automobile brands in the Mercedes-Benz Museum or the Porsche Museum. An attractive destination for families is the Wilhelma, the Stuttgart Zoo, which impresses with its animals as much as with its natural design. Look forward to Stuttgart and your stay in a hotel of NOVUM Hospitality.

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Foires et événements importants
à Stuttgart

In Stuttgart steht das berühmte Porsche Museum, hier werden mehr als 200 Kleinexponate und fast 100 Fahrzeuge ausgestellt.
Besonders für Geschäftsreise kann die Messe Stuttgart, die die achtgrößte Messe in Deutschland ist, als internationaler Treffpunkt besonders interessant sein. Hier finden Sie zu fast allen Fachbereichen interessante Veranstaltungen und viele Kontakte.

Hier ein paar Messe-Beispiele:
Stuttgarter Messeherbst (November), Moulding Expo (Juni), Blechexpo (Oktober), eat&STYLE Stuttgart (November), Auto Motor und Sport i-Mobility (April), AMB (September), LWH (September)

Sehenswerte Feste in Stuttgart:
Deutscher Katholikentag (Mai), Internationales Trickfilm-Festival (Mai), Kessel Festival (Juni), Heusteigviertelfest (Juni), Volkswagen Lichterfest (Juli), Feuerseefest (September), Cannstatter Wasen (November), Stuttgarter Weihnachtsmarkt (Dezember).

Jetzt gleich eines unserer günstigen und modernen Hotels Buchen und die Stadt Stuttgart genießen!

Sites touristiques de Stuttgart -
attractions à Stuttgart

Fernsehturm, Mineralbäder, StadtPalais, Neues Schloss, Staatstheater Stuttgart, Birkenkopf, Porsche Museum, Altes Schloss, Stiftskirche, Grünes U, Killesbergturm Stuttgart, Mercedes-Benz Museum, Wilhelma, Staatstheater, Residenzschloss Ludwigsburg, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Schillerplatz, Schlossplatz, Lindenmuseum, Stiftskirche, Bismarckturm Stuttgart

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22. May. 2022
Disneys Aladdin In Stuttgart (Stage Apollo Theater)
24. May. 2022
Disneys Aladdin In Stuttgart (Stage Apollo Theater)
28. May. 2022
Disneys Aladdin In Stuttgart (Stage Apollo Theater)
29. May. 2022
Wincent Weiss (Hanns-martin-schleyer-halle/porsche Arena)
31. May. 2022
Disneys Aladdin In Stuttgart (Stage Apollo Theater)
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