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Enjoying the Franconian culture of life: a trip to Fuerth

Whether for a vacation or as part of a business stay: Fuerth is one of the most important cities in Middle Franconia and a destination for numerous guests. Those who stop here can look forward to places worth seeing and culinary specialties.

Among Fürth's most popular destinations is the picturesque city park with its charming monuments, pretty fountains and spacious meadows. Moreover, a visit to the historic old town is a must. Sights such as the town hall, the Green Market - once the center of old Fuerth - and the Franconian Jewish Museum tell of the city's eventful history. In one of the countless restaurants in the old town, you can enjoy wonderful typical Franconian dishes, such as Nuremberg sausages or hearty Schäufele. If you are looking for cultural highlights, you should not miss a production in the city theater or in the "Comödie Fuerth".

In a hotel of NOVUM Hospitality you can relax in the evening and enjoy excellent comfort.

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Fiere ed eventi importanti
a Fuerth

Here is a selection of fairs and events: International Klezmer Festival (March), New Orleans Festival (June), Fürth Festival (July), Classical Open Air Concerts (July), International figuren.theater.festival (recurring), Summer Night Ball (July), Christmas Market (December), Grafflmarkt (June/September), Metropolmarathon (June)

Attrazioni di Fuerth -
luoghi d'interesse a Fuerth

Michaelis-Kirchweih, Ludwig Erhard Zentrum, Rathaus, Jüdische Museum Franken, Ludwig-Erhard-Zentrum, Rundfunkmuseum, Kriminalmuseum, Wilhelm Löhe Haus, Museum Frauenkultur Regional-International, Stadttheater

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