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Karlsruhe is the third largest city in the state of Baden-Württemberg, its administrative seat and an independent city. The former residence city of the state of Baden is now a major center with economic importance. The circular layout of the streets and parks around the castle is impressive, and the baroque planned city owes its nickname "Fan City" to this.

Since 1951, the "Residence of Law" has been the seat not only of the Federal Court of Justice, but also of the Federal Constitutional Court. The courts - as well as various supra-regional research institutes and universities - are major employers in the city. Among the economic flagships are the two Rhine ports and Germany's second largest refinery. Karlsruhe is also considered one of the most important locations for information and communications technology in Europe.

If you visit Karlsruhe, it is worthwhile for those interested in culture to visit the castle as well as the Center for Art and Media (ZKM), which is one of the most important cultural institutions in the city. You can easily reach the city center on foot from acora Karlsruhe Living the City. It takes about ten minutes to walk to Europaplatz and a quarter of an hour to the State Museum of Natural History.

Streetcar lines 2 and 3 take you from the main train station to the hotel and vice versa. They run directly from the train station and from the "Kaiserplatz" stop it is about 400 meters to acora Karlsruhe Living the City. If you would like to cater for yourself during your stay, you will find a large supermarket opposite our hotel. In the surrounding streets you will also find various restaurants and snack bars.

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