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On the road in Manchester - discovering the English metropolis

During the era of industrialization Manchester played a key role in textile production - and even today the metropolis is a popular destination in the United Kingdom. Both, business travelers and tourists regularly flock to the city on the Irwell.

When people think of Manchester they often automatically associate it with soccer. In fact the two arenas - Manchester United's Old Trafford and Manchester City's Etihad Stadium - are amongst the main attractions for visitors. Booklovers should definitely plan a trip to the John Rylands Library, founded in 1899. The heart of the city is the Albert Square which is in the Victorian Gothic style. Here you will find the City Hall with its 85-meter high bell tower and the Albert Memorial for example. Museum fans visit the natural history Manchester Museum. Here, "Stan," a well-preserved T-Rex skeleton, is the absolute visitors' favorite. Alternatively, take a detour to the Manchester Art Gallery with its art exhibitions.

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