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Visiting? Take a look around Mannheim

Mannheim fascinates vacationers and business travelers alike because the first thing they notice is that the streets of the city center are laid out in rectangular squares. This grid-like street network and the associated 144 Mannheim squares, which date back to the city building concept of Elector Frederick IV, have earned Mannheim the name "square city." At the eastern edge of this checkerboard stands the city's landmark, the 60-meter-high water tower. Together with Friedrichsplatz, a park with promenades, water basins, sculptures, arcades and cafés it forms the largest connected Art Nouveau complex in Germany.

The Mannheim Castle is also worth seeing. Together with the Jesuit Church, the Old Observatory and the Old Town Hall with the Parish Church of St. Sebastian it forms an impressive Baroque ensemble. Today the castle is the seat of the University of Mannheim. You can enjoy a wonderful view over the entire city from the 200-meter-high telecommunications tower which rises on the banks of the Neckar River close to the city center. If you would like to take a longer break here simply go to the Skyline restaurant directly above the viewing platform: it rotates around its own axis once every hour!

Baroque splendor, Art Nouveau charm and at the same time a very modern city with a lot of cultural events: that is Mannheim. Enjoy a relaxing stay in a hotel of NOVUM Hospitality and discover the diversity of the city.

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