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Discover sights in the UNESCO city of Regensburg

Regensburg can only be described with one word: Wonderful! As the best-preserved medieval city in Germany, history comes alive here. Threfore, the Danube metropolis is the destination of numerous travelers who attend business appointments or are enchanted by its unique charm on vacation.

The impressive St. Peter's Cathedral, a Gothic cathedral, is visible from afar. It is also home to the Regensburger Domspatzen, the world-famous boys' choir. The 308-meter-long Stone Bridge is part of the must-see sightseeing program as well. In the Middle Ages it was considered a world wonder and served as the model for Prague's Charles Bridge. If you want to soak up the city's vibe over a coffee or a delicious meal you'll find plenty of restaurants on Bismarckplatz and in the picturesque Stadtamhof district which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with the Old Town. Nature lovers can stroll through the green spaces of Jahninsel, a peninsula in the Danube, or discover the city by boat.

When the day comes to an end make yourself comfortable in one of NOVUM Hospitality's hotels and let the unforgettable impressions sink in.

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