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Wiesbaden, the capital of Hesse, is a city with rich history, cultural treasures and breathtaking landscapes. The city is known for its thermal springs and spas, but also for its architecture and history. One of the most famous sights in Wiesbaden is Biebrich Castle, a magnificent 18th-century Baroque palace on the banks of the Rhine River. The palace offers impressive views of the river and its surroundings, and today houses a museum that tells the story of the palace and its inhabitants. Another highlight of the city is formed by the Russian Chapel, a beautiful Orthodox church built in the 19th century by Russian nobles. The chapel is famous for its gilded domes and impressive interior. The spa buildings in Wiesbaden are also an attraction and an important part of the city's history. Visitors can tour the Kurhaus, an impressive neoclassical structure that is now used as a venue for concerts and theater performances. Wilhelmstraße is one of the most famous streets in Wiesbaden and is known for its architectural treasures. Here you will find many magnificent buildings, including the Hessian State Theater and the New City Hall. For nature lovers, there is the Biebrich Palace Park, which stretches around Biebrich Palace and is a beautiful example of English parkland. The park offers a variety of walking paths, a lake, and a variety of plants and trees. In addition to this, there are many other interesting places to discover in Wiesbaden, such as the Wiesbaden Museum, which exhibits an extensive collection of artworks and artifacts, and the Neroberg, a hill with a picturesque observation tower that promises a breathtaking view of the city and the surrounding area.

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