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Visit Haarlem: the hidden gem in Holland

Between windmills, canals and Dutch coziness: Whoever comes to Haarlem will feel right at home - whether on vacation or on a business trip. The laid-back vibe of the Spaarnestadt captivates every visitor.

The center of Haarlem is the Great Market ("Grote Markt") with historical monuments such as the City Hall ("Stadhuis"), St. Bavo Church and St. Bavo Cathedral. If you're in the mood for a relaxing day at the museum there are several options such as the Frans Hals Museum, the De Hallen Museum with modern art and the Teylers Museum of Natural and Technical History, which by the waxy is the oldest museum in the country. On a trip to the Netherlands, a visit to a windmill is not to be missed of course. The windmill De Aadrian is located directly on the Spaarne River and is one of the landmarks of Haarlem.

Our tip: Finish off the evening in one of the numerous restaurants in the car-free city center and then make yourself comfortable in a NOVUM Hospitality hotel!
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Haarlem is a city in the Netherlands, located in the province of North Holland. It is located on the river Spaarne, about 20 kilometers west of Amsterdam. Haarlem has a rich history and culture, with many historic buildings, museums and cultural events.
One of Haarlem's most famous landmarks is the Grote Markt, a large square in the city center surrounded by beautiful historic buildings. The most prominent building on the square is the 14th century St. Bavo Church. The church houses the famous Müller organ, one of the largest organs in the world. Another place of interest in Haarlem is the Frans Hals Museum, which exhibits an extensive collection of works by the Dutch Golden Age painter Frans Hals, as well as other Dutch and Flemish painters from the 16th and 17th centuries. Haarlem is also known for its beautiful parks, including Haarlemmerhout, a large park on the outskirts of the city. The park has walking and biking trails, a playground, and several ponds and lakes. In addition to offering cultural attractions, Haarlem is also a popular shopping destination with many small boutiques and specialty stores in the city center. The city is also known for its culinary scene, with many restaurants and cafes serving traditional Dutch and international cuisine.

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