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Visit Haarlem: the hidden gem in Holland

 Between windmills, canals and Dutch coziness: Whoever comes to Haarlem will feel right at home - whether on vacation or on a business trip. The laid-back vibe of the Spaarnestadt captivates every visitor.

The center of Haarlem is the Great Market ("Grote Markt") with historical monuments such as the City Hall ("Stadhuis"), St. Bavo Church and St. Bavo Cathedral. If you're in the mood for a relaxing day at the museum there are several options such as the Frans Hals Museum, the De Hallen Museum with modern art and the Teylers Museum of Natural and Technical History, which by the waxy is the oldest museum in the country. On a trip to the Netherlands, a visit to a windmill is not to be missed of course. The windmill De Aadrian is located directly on the Spaarne River and is one of the landmarks of Haarlem.

Our tip: Finish off the evening in one of the numerous restaurants in the car-free city center and then make yourself comfortable in a NOVUM Hospitality hotel!
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