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Visiting Berlin: Discover Sightseeing Highlights

As Germany's capital Berlin is a very attractive destination - whether for private vacations and city trips or as part of a corporate stay. Business, culture, events, politics and parties: Berlin is where all the hubs of the urban lifestyle come together.

Until 1989, the Berlin Wall divided the city into two parts. Numerous reminders of this historic period are still present today: marvel at the colorful Wall graffiti on the East Side Gallery or visit the Wall Museum at Checkpoint Charlie. Also an absolute must for Berlin visitors are the Alexanderplatz with the TV Tower, the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag as well as the Museum Island. If you long for nature even in the big city, you don't have to look far in Germany's largest metropolis: Spacious green areas such as Mauerpark and Tiergarten invite you to relax.

Party-hungry people can look forward to visiting numerous bars and clubs, such as the world-famous Berghain. After an eventful day in Berlin, make yourself comfortable in a NOVUM Hospitality hotel.
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Important fairs and events
in Berlin

Here are some important trade fairs in Berlin: Humanitarian Congress Berlin (October), OSTPRO Berlin (October), Bazaar Berlin (November), BOOT & FUN BERLIN (November), Transporter Tage Berlin (November), Smart Country Convention (October), Bautec (February), CWIEME Berlin (May), IFA (September), Fashionweek (September).
Among the important events in Berlin is the Berlinale (February) - the International Film Festival is held in Berlin every year. This event attracts tens of thousands of visitors* from all over the world.
The BLUE MAN GROUP is a theatrical performance for young and old and is very amusing.
Jazzfest Berlin - Incorporated into the Berlin Festival, the Jazzfest Berlin is the crowning finale to any jazz year.
If you want to understand the history of the GDR better, you should visit the event ""Alltag in der DDR"" (May) at the Museum in the Kulturbrauerei.
Boat trips on the Spree
Discover some of Berlin's most important monuments, buildings and museums, as well as numerous bridges, on a boat tour on the Spree River.
Novum Hospitality operates 15 centrally located hotels in Berlin. Especially suitable for city trips or trade fair visitors.

Berlin attractions -
sightseeing in Berlin

Berlin is a city full of history and culture that has many sights to offer. Whether you love art, history or architecture, there is something for everyone to see in Berlin. One of the most famous sights is undoubtedly the Brandenburg Gate. This imposing landmark of the city is a symbol of German unity and was built in the 18th century. The gate is not only beautiful to look at, but also a popular place for tourists and locals to take photos and enjoy the atmosphere of the city. Also very famous is the Berlin TV Tower, which is the tallest building in Germany with its 368 meters. From the observation deck you can enjoy a spectacular view of the city and its many sights. Another highlight is the Charlottenburg Palace, a magnificent baroque palace built in the 17th century. Here, visitors can not only admire the impressive architecture, but also explore the magnificent interiors with their paintings, furniture and works of art. For art lovers, there are numerous museums in Berlin, including the famous Museum Island, which houses five renowned museums. Here you can admire masterpieces of antiquity, the Middle Ages and modern times, including the famous bust of Nefertiti. And, of course, we must not forget the Berlin Wall, which for decades divided the city into East and West. Today, only a few remnants of the wall remain, but you can still see it at various places in the city, such as Checkpoint Charlie or the East Side Gallery.

Event suggestions for your travel period

26. Sep. 2023
Los Cafres (Gretchen)
27. Sep. 2023
Shogoon (Cassiopeia Club)
28. Sep. 2023
Onlinemarketing-stammtisch Berlin (Five Rivers)
28. Sep. 2023
Eao-dgi Joint Meeting 2023 (Berlin)
29. Sep. 2023
Erregung öffentlicher Erregung (Cassiopeia Club)
30. Sep. 2023
2023 Berlin Bjj Championships (Berlin Siemensstadt)
01. Oct. 2023
Gilberto Gil - Aquele AbraÇo The Farewell Concert To Berlin (Tempodrom)
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02. Oct. 2023
Berlin: Showgirls Of Burlesque (Köthener Straße 44,10963 Berlin,deutschland)
03. Oct. 2023
Fidoplayszappa Feat. Bobby Martin - 20th Anniversary Tour 2023 (Ehem Heliosgeländemaschinenhaus In Der Kulturbrauerei)
04. Oct. 2023
Voyager (Cassiopeia Club)
05. Oct. 2023
Django 3000 - Alibabo Tour (Privatclub)
06. Oct. 2023
Castillo (Revaler Straße 99,raw Gelände,berlin,10245,de)
07. Oct. 2023
Dennis Dies Das - Basslinespor Scouting Tour 2023 (Revaler Straße 99,raw Gelände,berlin,10245,de)
08. Oct. 2023
Ellie Dixon - Europe 2023 (Ehem Heliosgeländemaschinenhaus In Der Kulturbrauerei)
09. Oct. 2023
Blü Eyes - Fall Tour 2023 (Ehem Heliosgeländemaschinenhaus In Der Kulturbrauerei)
10. Oct. 2023
Brockhoff (Ehem Heliosgeländemaschinenhaus In Der Kulturbrauerei)
10. Oct. 2023
Intergeo (Berlin Expocenter City)
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