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Stuhr is a municipality, which is located in the district of Diepholz and is the largest municipality of this district with about 33,000 inhabitants. To the south, the municipality adjoins the city of Bremen. The 390-hectare nature reserve of Kladdinger Wiesen is located in the small town. The grassland is mostly used for agriculture, but some of it is also used for arable farming. In addition, the municipality of Stuhr is home to the monastery church of Sankt Marien, which was founded in 1182 by Count Friedrich von Mackenstedt and impresses with its frescoes, which are about 500 years old. The biggest feature, however, are the bells, which probably date back to the 14th century. The small town also offers the Office Technology & Banking Museum, a technical museum on the history of office technology and banking. It is located in the district of Seckenhausen.

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