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Wolfsburg is a city in Lower Saxony, Germany, best known as the home of the world-famous car manufacturer Volkswagen. However, the city also offers a number of attractions that will delight visitors of all ages and interests. Nevertheless, one of the most famous landmarks of Wolfsburg is the Volkswagen plant, which is considered the largest automobile factory in the world. Visitors can get a guided tour of the plant and get an insight into the production of cars and other vehicles. Another highlight of the city is the Phaeno, an interactive science museum that delights children and adults alike. The museum offers a wealth of exhibits and activities that encourage interest in science and technology. For nature lovers, there is Allerpark, a beautiful park on the banks of the Aller River that offers a variety of recreational opportunities. Visitors can walk, bike, boat or just relax and enjoy the scenery. Art lovers can visit the Wolfsburg Art Museum, which presents an extensive collection of modern and contemporary art. The museum also offers changing exhibitions and events. History and architecture lovers are recommended to visit Wolfsburg Castle, a magnificent Renaissance palace from the 16th century, which is now used as a museum. The museum displays a collection of artwork and historical artifacts and offers insights into the history of the city and the region. In addition to these highlights, there are many other interesting places to discover in Wolfsburg, such as the Burgsee, a picturesque lake in the center of the city, the Wolfsburg Planetarium, which offers a variety of shows and events, and the Autostadt, a leisure and adventure park dedicated entirely to automobiles. Together, these attractions offer a fascinating picture of the rich history and culture of this dynamic city.

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