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Visiting Middle Franconia: Sightseeing tips for Erlangen

City trip, business stay or family vacation: there are many reasons to come to Erlangen. Visitors to the Middle Franconian metropolis are rewarded with numerous sights when staying in Erlangen.

Among the most famous of these is the Huguenot Church which was completed in 1963 as the first Huguenot church outside France. After climbing 117 steps the church tower offers an excellent panoramic view over the entire city. If you prefer to relax in nature you should visit the botanical garden or the castle park. The Comic Museum, the Siemens Healthineers MedMuseum, which features numerous exhibits from the history of Siemens medical technology, and the traditional Erlangen brewery Steinbach Bräu where craft beer specialties are still made today are also worth a visit. The Margrave Theater and numerous art festivals welcome culture lovers.

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Important fairs and events
in Erlangen

There's a lot to celebrate in Erlanger! Here are a few events and fairs worth seeing: TATTOO Messe Erlangen (February), vocatium Erlangen (April) bonding Firmenkontaktmesse (May), ErlangenKreativ Messe (June), Bergkirchweih (June), International Comic Salon (June), Poetenfestival (August), Webkongress Erlangen (September), JuBi Erlangen (October), Wedding Fair Black & White (October), Market of Ideas Erlangen (November), Night of Companies Fair (November), CONTACT Fair (November), Fernweh Festival (November) Auf in die Welt Fair (November), Erlanger Winterzauber (December)

Erlangen attractions -
sightseeing in Erlangen

Today, the Margravial Palace houses the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of the Friedich-Alexander University Erlangen/Nuremberg as well as a museum. Here you can take a relaxing walk in the beautiful palace garden and marvel at the historic orangery. The botanical garden is a nice place to relax and take a walk. Here you can admire over 4000 species of plants from all over the world. An impressive example of baroque architecture is the St. Boniface Church, which was built in the 17th century. Another important church in Erlangen is the Huguenot Church. It was built in the 18th century by the Huguenots - Protestants coming from France - and is another example of the remarkable architectural style of the Baroque. Let yourself be enchanted by the charming old town of Erlangen. Here you have the opportunity to stroll leisurely and try out various cafes and restaurants. Nature lovers can also take an extensive break from the hectic city life in the forest adventure center in Tennenlohe.

Event suggestions for your travel period

28. Feb. 2024
4 Songs Für Ein Halleluja • E-werk • Erlangen (Kulturzentrum E-werk)
29. Feb. 2024
Erlangen: Bewie Bauer - Ein Teenager Wird 50! Comedy & Musik (Marie-therese-highschool)
01. Mar. 2024
Die Isarschiffer – Kulturpub Schwarzer Adler (In Der Marktscheune 1,hallstadt,96103,de)
08. Mar. 2024
Alain Frei: All In! • Erlangen (hochverlegt In Die Heinrich-lades-halle) (Heinrich-lades-halle)
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