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Forchheim in Upper Franconia: Discovering Sightseeing Hotspots

Forchheim is considered the gateway to Franconian Switzerland and is part of the Nuremberg metropolitan region. Tourists on a voyage of discovery as well as business travelers are regular visitors here.

If you want to discover historical sights Forchheim is the place to be. The absolute main attraction is the late Gothic town hall with its beautiful half-timbered facade. The old town is also home to the castle known as the Kaiserpfalz, which houses four museums and the former fortifications whose moat has since been transformed into a green park. Make yourself comfortable with a picnic or walk along the old city wall! Also worth seeing: the church of St. Martin, the St. Vitus Bastion and the Nuremberg Gate. A trip to the nearby Schloss Thurn amusement park is worthwhile when traveling with children.

Beer brewing has been a tradition in Forchheim for centuries. So be sure to sample one of the more than 40 beers brewed in town before settling into your NOVUM Hospitality hotel.
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