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A trip to Lübeck: the sights of the Hanseatic city

As the former capital of the Hanseatic League, Lübeck has been of economic and cultural importance for centuries. Even today numerous people are drawn to the Baltic Sea metropolis - for a city trip, a family vacation or on business.

The landmark of the city is the Holsten Gate, which served to shield the old town in the Middle Ages. It is located on an island in the river Trave and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. Here you can also find the monumental Marienkirche, the third largest church in Germany. The city's most famous sons include two Nobel Prize winners: the writer Thomas Mann and the politician Willy Brandt: Thanks to countless exhibitions their work is still present in Lübeck today. If you prefer to take it a little easier, go on a trip to Travemünde, which is only 10 kilometers away and enjoy a day by the sea.

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sightseeing in Lübeck

The Holsten Gate is the most famous landmark of the city and is one of the last well-preserved medieval city gates in the whole of Germany. It was built between 1464 and 1478 and served at that time for defense, as well as for the representation of the Hanseatic city. A visit to St. Mary's Church is definitely part of a visit to Lübeck. The "mother church of brick Gothic", as it is still called today, is an impressive brick church from the 13th century and is still considered one of the most important buildings of the North German brick Gothic. Lübeck Cathedral is also another impressive church in the city. The foundation stone of this church was laid by Henry the Lion in the 12th century. The Buddenbrook House is a museum dedicated to the life and work of Thomas Mann and his family. The building itself is a beautiful example of the architecture of Lübeck's old town. The salt warehouses are historic warehouses built along the river Traber. They are an important testimony to the economic importance of Lübeck in the Middle Ages. The Gängeviertel is a historic district with narrow streets and winding houses dating back to the 16th century. It is a unique example of the city's construction and way of life and invites you to take a pleasant walk.

Event suggestions for your travel period

23. Feb. 2024
Lebensart Exhibition Lubeck (Kulturwerft Gollan)
23. Feb. 2024
The World Of Musicals | Lübeck (Musik- Und Kongresshalledeutsches Haus)
24. Feb. 2024
Biyon Kattilathu - Lebe. Liebe. Lache. (Musik- Und Kongresshalledeutsches Haus)
25. Feb. 2024
Sixx Paxx - Magic Tour 23/24 - Lübeck (Musik- Und Kongresshalledeutsches Haus)
03. Mar. 2024
Max Raabe & Palastorchester - Wer Hat Hier Schlechte Laune | Lübeck (Musik- Und Kongresshalledeutsches Haus)
04. Mar. 2024
The Music Of Hans Zimmer & Others - A Celebration Of Film Music (Musik- Und Kongresshalledeutsches Haus)
05. Mar. 2024
The Magical Music Of Harry Potter - Live In Concert (Musik- Und Kongresshalledeutsches Haus)
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07. Mar. 2024
Chinesischer Nationalcircus - China Girl 4.0 | Lübeck (Musik- Und Kongresshalledeutsches Haus)
08. Mar. 2024
Johann König - Wer Pläne Macht Wird Ausgelacht! (Musik- Und Kongresshalledeutsches Haus)
08. Mar. 2024
Johann König "wer Pläne Macht Wird Ausgelacht" - Lübeck (Musik- Und Kongresshalledeutsches Haus)
08. Mar. 2024
Fliehende Stürme - Treibsand Lübeck (Treibsand - Lübeck)
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